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Sales consulting at AliExpress Plaza. We work for consolidated businesses that wish to sell or improve their sales on Aliexpress.

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AliExpress Plaza is the local version for Spain of the Alibaba Marketplace, the world leader in eCommerce, already open to Spanish sellers. This means a great opportunity to place any of the sellers operating in a market of several hundred million potential buyers on an equal footing at lower costs than other marketplaces, and without opening or monthly maintenance costs.

In Arimetrics we have a team of Marketplaces specialized in Aliexpress Plaza that will help you in all the procedures and procedures to sell on this platform.

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What advantages does selling in AliExpress Plaza provide?

How to sell on Aliexpress Plaza?

As in any online business, it is necessary to adapt the strategies to each channel, and what works in one sales channel may not be the best for another. Selling on AliExpress is different from selling in an online store, and even selling on Amazon. In Arimetrics we offer consulting services that include from the upload of the catalog, to its optimization and promotion within the AliExpress platform to maximize sales.

AliExpress’ business model means that the platform charges a commission ranging from 6% to 8%, compared to other platforms that charge an average of 15% commission.

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Aliexpress Plaza is Aliexpress’Marketplace for Spain, with hundreds of leading Spanish and world brands with 3-day deliveries, with stores dedicated to fashion, footwear, technology, home and beauty. It has 150 million active customers and is translated into 18 languages.

Aliexpress is the leading e-commerce platform with estimated sales of 11.11 +30.8b$ in 24 hours of promotion. Thanks to the opening in Spain, it is now available to register as a seller based in Spain.

Aliexpress has an easy and intuitive system for creating stores. There are three types of store on Aliexpress:the franchised store, where you can sell different brands with an official license; the store, where you can sell your products of different brands and the official store, where you can only sell one brand and no one else, except your authorization, can sell on Aliexpress.

Aliexpress has a wide range of services to boost sales, both for seasonal Aliexpress campaigns and internal promotions of the brand. The freebiesstand out, which are promotional items that brands give away to get reviews and feed the Aliexpress algorithm or 11.11, the day of highest sales of the platform of the year, with aggressive offers and thousands of promoted items.

To cope with its competition, Aliexpress sets very low fees per sale, between 5% and 8% of the product’s RRP. Unlike other marketplaces, Aliexpress does not compete with its partners. As an additional advantage, the monthly expense of being on Aliexpress is € 0.

To publish your products, Aliexpress has 5 simple methods with which in a few minutes you can have your entire catalog online. You can do it manually, through data feed, with a connector, with external modules or catalog importers.

As a Specialized Agency in Aliexpress,Arimetrics offers a complete solution to publish your products on Aliexpress. We study your proposal and offer you the best and most complete solution, from consulting to the promotion of your articles on the platform.

At Arimetrics we help you expand your online sales channels.

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