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We are Aliexpress Plaza Consultants

What is Aliexpress Plaza?

AliExpress Plaza is the local version for Spain of the Alibaba Marketplace, the world leader in e-commerce, now open to Spanish sellers. This means a great opportunity to situate in equality of opportunities any of the sellers that operate in a market of several million of potential buyers at costs lower than other marketplaces, and without opening costs or monthly maintenance.

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What advantages does selling in AliExpress Plaza provide?

How to sell in AliExpress Plaza?

As in any online business, it is necessary to adapt the strategies to each channel, and what works in one sales channel might not be the best for another. Selling in AliExpress is different to selling in an online store, or even selling in Amazon. At Arimetrics we offer consulting services that include everything from the uploading of the catalogue to its optimisation and promotion within the AliExpress platform to maximise sales.

The business model of AliExpress involves the platform charging a commission that varies between 6% and 8%, compared to other platforms that charge an average commission of 15%.

Only companies located in Spain can sell on Aliexpress Plaza.

Our AliExpress Services

Arimetrics is part of the program of AliExpress Mentors. With direct support from the Alibaba group, we advise sellers to maximise their sales both in the international platform and in AliExpress Plaza, the platform for Spanish sellers.


We create your store in AliExpress with an avant-garde style aimed at selling.


Integration of the product catalogue: management, optimisation and synchronisation of feeds.


Promotions and strategies in AliExpress to enhance visibility within the platform.


We analyse the metrics of the platform in order to draw up selling strategies.

"If you've never tried, how will you ever know if there's any chance?"

Jack Ma

Our Sales Consultancy in Aliexpress services are customized and adapted for each project.

Please contact us for any question you might have.

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